Igbo/Biafran landing in U.S.A

It is exactly 216 years ago today when these brave ancestors of ours chose the path of death rather than accept slavery in a foreign land!

In Georgia USA 1803, all the Igbo slaves that was taken from the shores of Omambala on a slave ship through the north Atlantic, having realized what purpose they were forcefully taken from their ancestral land decided to take their destinies into their hands, they seized the ship and forced it to duck in St.Simon’s Island GA, in USA. After a severe fight with the slave masters, still on chains, they alighted from the ship and proceeded into the sea, and marched into the dept of the waves until they were all drowned in the sea.

As they marched, they kept singing in Igbo dialect in unism~~~ “Orimiri Omabala k’anyi siri bia, Orimiri k’anyi g’esi naa” meaning: “We were brought here through the sea, we will go back home through the same”! this they continue to sing until they were all drowned in the dept of the sea!

That’s the Igbo spirit, a never say die spirit!
We never accept to settle for the less, we resists operation, suppression and persecution. We are free moral agents, we are Republicans in nature and we love freedom.

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