#Coded Biblical Information #unmasked.

Revelation 7:1a
“…four corners of the earth”:
= Eke (Fire=Oku), Orie (Water=Mmiri), Afo (Land=Ala) and Nkwo (Wind=Ikuku).

Revelation 7:1b
“…four winds of the earth”:
Ikuku~Eke, Ikuku~Orie, Ikuku~Afo na Ikuku~Nkwo (East wind, West Wind, North wind and South wind). Destructive winds.

Revelation 7:2a
“…having the seal of the “Living God”:
==This seal (see attached image) was allowed to be stolen by the Whites and kept under Illuminati’s control (incomplete version=detached).
This most-powerful seal has been returned back to the Igbos (so-called ” Blacks”)~now located in Igboland.

Revelation 7:2b
“…the angels who have been given power to harm the land and the sea”:
==Granted, all angels are White like the whites. YA-HU-UWA ALA CHI’UKWU GBO IGBO allowed the whites to dominate and rule Her “black” Chi~ldren ~The Igbos.
They (the Whites) were ALLOWED to harm the lands and seas belonging to the “blacks” (Igbos) until June 30th 2019.

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Eze Ezekwesiri II

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